Summer Series

  • Sounds of Anxiety by Khloe Janel

    Do more

    Say less

    Don't stress

    You worry too much

    You think too much

    You do too much

    You are too much

    Am I enough?













    Do it all over again

  • Short freestyles on Friday Afternoons by Khloe Janel

    Short freestyles on Friday afternoons

    Is what I do

    When I’m not in the mood

    To speak.

    I sit alone in my room

    With the sun shining thru

    As if she birthed me herself.

    I whisper soft tunes

    And she responds with advice I didn’t ask for but needed to hear.

    We sing together,

    Making music as if the sounds were the blood that kept us alive.

    Hours pass and I miss her when she’s gone.

    I sing those same songs well into the night

    Until she’s back

    Rising for the occasion that is a new day

    And we do it all over again.

  • Only by Khloe Janel

    Only the sun appears after the rain

    Only the smiles come after we go insane

    Only the stars shine through the clouds

    Only the moon twinkles in the dark

    Only the lion can tame its mane

    Only the heart can heal its pain

  • Midnight Mourning by Khloe Janel

    I took my power back last


    I took myself back without having to


    I took my joy back and laughed


    You because it wasn’t easy to make love at


    I cried endlessly for ten months straight, questioning my sanity


    Last night I regained my strength- unafraid of you or


    I stood on my own two feet and realized my worth for the first


    So I packed my bags and laid you to rest- mourning what


    Knew to be a lost for you and only you, because leaving means I finally


  • Last Night by Khloe Janel

    I had a nightmare about you last night.

    Ironically, you were the first one I thought to call after waking up in a cold sweat.

    I wanted to hear your voice.

    I wanted you to sing me a lullaby and help me go back to sleep.

    I picked up my phone and searched for your number.

    As I scrolled, I remembered that I deleted it so I would never call you again.

    I was disappointed.

    I was sad.

    I was scared.

    I was relieved.

    I was proud.

    Because for once, I had to deal with my fears alone.


  • All Things Come To An End by Khloe Janel

    All Things Comes To An End

    They say
    But what if it's the start of a new beginning 
    New friends
    Old enemies 
    Same heartbreak 
    Different sun
    Wild moon
    It’s almost noon
    It’s time to wake up