Khloe Khronicals

  • So many feels

    I feel so much love right now I could cry
    I feel so much peace in my heart right now I could holler
    I feel so content right now I could lay in a bed of flowers for days and sleep for weeks
    I feel so many things at once right now that I want to feel overwhelmed, but for the first time
    They’re mostly good feels, real feels, and Khloe feels. Nothing is influencing me but me
    I’m proud of my progress
    I’m proud of my journey
    I’m proud of myself
    These past few months have been life changing in ways I don’t think I’ve even realized yet
    All I know is I’m ready for what’s next
    I’m ready for whatever life has in store for me
    I’m prepared for the best, the worst and everything in between
    The day I turned 23, I could literally feel a new section of my heart open
    I sat at the top of a mountain in Arizona and reflected on everything that has happened so far in my life. in that moment everything before April 23rd, 2019 was done. Chapter 1 was over.
    I’m starting chapter 2 and I’m so ready
    I know this is only the beginning
    I know I still have so much to learn
    I know I still had so much healing and growing to do but at 23, I’m doing pretty well
    And I’m finally happy
    I’m finally happy with where I’m at
    Here’s to 6 more incredible and transformative months of 2019
    Let’s make the last half of this year one to remember
    I love you