Khloe Khronicals

  • 10/11/2018

         Last week I had the privilege of working with Erasing the Distance, a theater company that addresses mental health. 5 actors, including myself shared some of their signature stories to students at Robert Morris University over a two-day period. Each piece performed was informative, inspirational, and powerful.  We had a talkback after each performance and it was amazing to see how many people felt comfortable sharing their personal stories. I was touched and in awe at the amount of resilience so many of these folks possessed, considering everything they've gone through. It also put things in perspective for me and reminded me that their are always people who have it worse than you. Even though I have my own struggles, it made me more grateful for what I have and where I'm at in life.

         As a person who struggles with anxiety and depression, I've always wanted to work with this company. We shouldn't be afraid to talk about mental health considering so many people struggle with it every day. I believe the more we talk about, the more people will seek help and know they are not alone. I have a lot of aspirations. One of my main goals is to simply inspire others. Performing a piece that was so near and dear to my heart was an honor and I could feel the impact it made on the audience. I hope to keep helping and inspiring people.

         In other exciting news, I was asked back on the Netflix show, "Easy"! Watch out for me on season 3! :) This is so exciting because this is my first time making a second appearance on a TV show. Hopefully this means something big is in store for me. I'm speaking it into the universe either way!