Khloe Khronicals

  • Three more semesters

    I had 9 shows this week so the days have been running together. It's been tiring, but I love every minute of it! I finished this semester with a 3.5 GPA and I'm pretty happy about that. This semester was a busy one. It went by so fast that I can't even remember what I did. Although it was a hectic semester, it was great. I was able to do a show, work a part time job and go to school full time. I didn't even have an extreme meltdown from all of the stress! Yay! I've been spending my winter break writing scholarship essays, doing the show, and preparing for next semester. I'm taking a winter class starting next week so I won't have to take as many during the actual spring semester. I will be doing two shows now (What is wrong with me haha) so I want next semester to be as stressless as possible. Overall, this semester was a good one. I have only three more left until I graduate, which is super exciting! I love college but I'm ready to move on. Hopefully the remaining semesters will be great. If I keep doing what I'm doing now, I know it will be!  XO