Khloe Khronicals

  • Fall 2016

    Hi everyone! It has been five months since my last post and I'm sorry for that. This semester has been insane. I've barely had enough time to sleep. Anyway, junior year is going great! Classes are going fine. It's crazy to think that I'll be preparing to graduate this time next year. I'm really excited to move on to the next stage in my life. I mean, Columbia has been great...or okay. But, it gets in the way of shows and/or films I want to do. Speaking of acting, I haven't been in any films this semester, which sucks :(. I've been so busy with A Charlie Brown Christmas, which opened last weekend (Picture below). My experience with the show has been amazing. I've met some amazing people in the Chicago theatre scene and I've met some people I now consider friends. The audience is mainly children, which is great. It's nice to have a different type of audience who doesn't even realize when you mess up! The show runs until January 8th so please come and support if you can (I've got free comp tickets for anyone who wants them. Just message me). Seeing the stages that I perform on get bigger and bigger is such a great feeling. I have some other great news to share with you guys. I was recently cast as Dorothy in The Wiz!! It will be playing at the Apollo Theatre from February 2017-June 2017.  This is an extremely big thing for me because I've never been a lead in a musical before. I'm excited and nervous. I'm also very proud of myself. One because my hard work is paying off and two: when it comes to musical theatre, everything is self-taught. I've never taken singing lessons. I've taken a few dance classes, but my voice and dancing ability is from God, my own practice, and YouTube. I never had the money for lessons so I made my own. This isn't to say I'll never take lessons. When I get my money together and can afford it, I will for sure be in classes. For now though, it's all me :) You guys know how much I want you to see me in Charlie Brown but you HAVE to see me in The Wiz. It will probably be one of my last theatre shows in Chicago for a while because I have to focus on school during my senior year (boo) and I plan on moving once I graduate. Overall, this semester has been a rollercoaster. However, it has been one rewarding rollercoaster. I can only imagine how next semester will be. In other news: It's like 70 degrees in Chicago right now and it's really making me nervous. Please pray that my immune system makes it through this drastic weather drop that we will have in the next few weeks. lol Stay safe. Love you all.