Khloe Khronicals

  • G.R.O.W.T.H

    I wanted to be hip and name this blog post "All Summer Sixteen". However, I'm listening to India Arie and I thought the word Growth was a better fit to describe how my life has been going. It's been a while since I've last posted so I have a lot to update you guys with. I completed my sophomore year at Columbia with 3.6 GPA. Considering all of the outside things I was doing during the school year, I'm SO proud of myself. During my sophomore year, I was debating whether to stay in school or start my acting career full force. Yet, after talking to a few people and doing some soul searching, I realized my time will come regardless of if I'm in school or not. I have to learn how to be patient. I tend to compare myself to others who are acting too and I often ask myself, "Why am I not there when I am working just as hard". It's not my time is the answer. All I can do right now is continue to work toward my goal and work on myself along the way. I'm already in debt so I might as well finish is my logic also. In all honesty, I probably wouldn't even be able to handle it right now emotionally. Speaking of emotions, I am going to start seeing a therapist soon so I'm excited about that! I'm ready to let go of some toxic feelings and be happy with myself completely. I love myself of course, but we could all use a little extra help to love ourselves even more. Since school ended, I've been working at a daycare and auditioning. This summer has already been quite hectic and fulfilling at the same time. Hectic because I'm not getting much sleep and I'm constantly on the go. Fulfilling becasue I've been cast in a webseries that will be filming in August, I've been auditioning for some well known theatres, and I was just notified that I was the winner of the Vans College Open Mic Series!!! This may not seem like a big deal but it is such an accomplishment for me. I was chosen out of a ton of college students from New York, Boston, and Chicago. I also performed an original spoken word. I've always felt like my spoken words were not very good because I don't sound like a typical poet. However, I learned that is why I stand out. I'm different and obviously good at it. As the winner, I recieved a VIP expereince in which me and a friend get an all expense paid trip to NEW YORK CITY!!! I'm so excited because I've wanted to go back to NYC for a long time and actually enjoy it. The last time I went was for an audition and I was stressing out the whole time. This time I actually get to check my future home out completely. It's only June and my summer has already been a rollercoaster ride. On the other hand, I wouldn't want it any other way.

    -Khloe Janel