Khloe Khronicals

  • Thankful

    This year I visited my hometown for Thanksgiving and I actually had the time to sit back and reflect on these past 11 months. I'm thankful for my family. If it weren't for my parents and my brothers, I don't know where I would be. They are the reason I work so hard to succeed. I want to make sure my family will never have to struggle again. I'm thankful for my healthy body. So many people are not able to go about their daily routines without the help from others. I'm thankful for the people who believe in me. I have so many people who doubt me. It's a blessing to have people who know I will make it one day. I'm thankful for the people who have and will hurt me. Because of them I am so much stronger. A year ago, I would have not imagined that I would be the beautiful, strong, and confident woman I am today. It's amazing how big of a difference one year can make. A year ago, my life changed drastically and I did not think I would ever recover from it. However, here I am today. I am able to walk down the streets of Chicago and smile. I honestly feel happier than I have ever felt. For that reason, I am thankful for the people who caused tears in my eyes because they made me the person I am today. I'm not perfect but I am working toward bettering myself each day. I have my days where I am depressed and I cry for a few minutes. However, I don't stay in that state for long. I tell myself to be happy. I quickly get out of bed, pick myself up, wipe my tears and keep pushing with a smile on my face. I know I am heading for greatness so I will keep going no matter what. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me!

    -Khloe <3