Khloe Khronicals

  • Big Things

    I talked to my younger brother last night and he said something to me that has stuck with me all day. He said, " You're doing big things Khloe, I'm proud of you". When he said that to me, I thought about how I am not really proud of myself despite the fact that everyone else is. I think it is because I am too hard on myself. I want so badly to succeed that I don't think I have accomplished much. I am a determined overachiever and I will not feel like I have succeeded until I truly feel deep down in my gut that I have. To set the record straight, success to me does not mean I have a lot of money. Success to me means I am able to support myself off of doing what I love. Until I am able to do that, I will never feel successful. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not; but, it seems to work for me. Last night I watched the Emmy awards and was truly inspired by Viola Davis being the first African American women to win a primetime emmy for lead actress in a drama series. That was such an inspiring moment for me and I honestly was in tears. Viola Davis is somene who has worked so hard for so many years. To see her hard work finally be acknowledged was such a joy for me. As an African American actress, I have accepted that fact that I have to work ten times harder to get where I want to be. I am okay with that though because I am becoming stronger each day throughout this journey. Seeing Viola Davis nearly in tears as she made history encouraged me even more to never give up on my dreams. Even though this is a tough business, I know one day my time will come and I keep working hard each day toward that. I can't wait to inspire young black actresses like so many in this field have already done for me. I refuse to give up on my dream. Even thought it gets hard, I have this little person in my head telling me, "Khloe, you are almost there, keep pushing".